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Transposed 2020 created during the quarantine period, is a digital video composed from day-to-day repetitive movements that capture the imprisonment feeling of being locked up, in contrast with events from the outside world.
Some external areas that were not impacted by the virus, continued following its own natural path whilst affected areas, such as streets — affected for being creations whose purpose is to attend human’s needs, progressively started, according to different region’s isolation measures, to have significant less motion than it once had, contrasting, for instance, with the ocean — a natural component that continues to flow regardless of what happens to civilization, as it always has. 
From this counterpoint, the video transits through a micro-macro relation; micro being the isolation routine at home daily; macro being the unseen, the forgotten outside world.
“Transposed” discusses the esteem for life, that was taken away from us in the course of isolation, and the non existent return date to what was once considered normal, usual and quotidian; dealing with the monotonous and nondynamic experience that is to be confined, as well as to navigate through paranoia, claimed by some to be a reverberation of the whole situation, manifested with profound despair for normalcy.
Due to the virus uncontrollable behavior, any prediction of transposition on the need for isolation, appeared to be uncertain.

Cuidado Frágil 2019 considers the body as a cultural value, fraught with sensitive meanings. The actions and representations of the body are the result of the complex relationship between nature and culture that is coated with desires and embodied in art. The contemporary aspects that affect bodies and their relations with art are closely linked to a way of considering the presence of the body, which, at times, ends up being influenced and conditioned by the discontinuous ways of experiencing society. Not perceiving themselves immersed in the inability to perceive themselves and their sensitivities, these bodies become ephemeral in their naturalness, vulnerable to the disposable, making it difficult to access levels of consciousness and the way they relate to what can be considered immutable, permanent and essential in humanity, that is, its form. Therefore, this work aims to deconstruct these bodies in order to deconstruct, not only these, but also the overlaps and consequences that accompany them in terms of their culture and their social historical presence.

Eu rio, tu chora (I laugh, U cry) 2018 is an experimental video that aims to interpret the city of são paulo as a schizophrenic city, making use of repetition and overlapping scenes mixed with disturbing sounds that are also part of everyday life.

Pano porta, medo fora (Cloth, door. Fear, out) 2019 portrays the possibility of subtlety and delicacy in the touch and in the relationship between man and man, in order to approach toxic masculinity.

Indeterminada 2019 is a video made for Camille Laurent and Stefanie Egedy, from capturing the  performance of them.

Gozo 2019 is a video clip made for LUMANZIN.

Amor (Love) 2019 is an audiovisual creation from a photo by the chinese photographer and poet, Ren Hang. "Love" was one of his last poems written before his suicide.

Covil das Presas (Den of Prey) 2017 is a silent short film about a vampire and his victims, the short film follows the german expressionist aesthetic.

art direction experiment with the intention of creating the same scene in different social classes. 2019.

art direction experiment with the intention of creating the same scene in different times. 2019.

Sagrado Feminino (Sacred Female) 2018 is a experimental documentary made from interviews with women of different religions, recorded performances and recordings of readings of poems and texts about it.

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