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Cuidado Frágil considers the body as a cultural value, fraught with sensitive meanings. The actions and representations of the body are the result of the complex relationship between nature and culture that is coated with desires and embodied in art. The contemporary aspects that affect bodies and their relations with art are closely linked to a way of considering the presence of the body, which, at times, ends up being influenced and conditioned by the discontinuous ways of experiencing society. Not perceiving themselves immersed in the inability to perceive themselves and their sensitivities, these bodies become ephemeral in their naturalness, vulnerable to the disposable, making it difficult to access levels of consciousness and the way they relate to what can be considered immutable, permanent and essential in humanity, that is, its form. Therefore, this work aims to deconstruct these bodies in order to deconstruct, not only these, but also the overlaps and consequences that accompany them in terms of their culture and their social historical presence.

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