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Created during the quarantine period, ”transposed” is a videoart composed from day-to-day repetitive movements that capture the imprisonment feeling of being locked up, in contrast with events from the outside world.
Some external areas that were not impacted by the virus, continued following its own natural path whilst affected areas, such as streets — affected for being creations whose purpose is to attend human’s needs, progressively started, according to different region’s isolation measures, to have significant less motion than it once had, contrasting, for instance, with the ocean — a natural component that continues to flow regardless of what happens to civilization, as it always has. 

From this counterpoint, the video transits through a micro-macro relation; micro being the isolation routine at home daily; macro being the unseen, the forgotten outside world.
“Transposed” discusses the esteem for life, that was taken away from us in the course of isolation, and the non existent return date to what was once considered normal, usual and quotidian; dealing with the monotonous and nondynamic experience that is to be confined, as well as to navigate through paranoia, claimed by some to be a reverberation of the whole situation, manifested with profound despair for normalcy.
Due to the virus uncontrollable behavior, any prediction of transposition on the need for isolation, appeared to be uncertain.

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